Anti-Spam Policy
You Agree...
As a VirtaPay user and account holder, you agree to never promote or advertise the VirtaPay service in ways that the Internet community at large find generally unacceptable (“Spam”).
Allowed: Sending an email to a close friend or relative, inviting them to join VirtaPay.
Not Allowed: Sending an email inviting anyone else to join VirtaPay.
Public Postings Online
Allowed: Posting a message to a forum or message board where the topic is directly related to the type of service VirtaPay provides and where you are a respected and regular poster.
Not Allowed: Posting a message to any forum, message board, or any other public or semi-public place online, where you are either new to the community and/or your posting would be off-topic.
The Consequences
If we find that you are spamming...

Things that will happen:
  1. We will immediately terminate your account.
  2. You will lose your entire account balance.
Things that might happen:
  1. We might charge you money to repair the damage you've done to our service.
  2. We might pursue legal action against you.
The Bottom Line
Spam can only hurt VirtaPay and annoy the Internet community. Don't do it. Ever.
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