Tue, Dec 6 – Open Payments Coming Soon

We will soon be releasing a new type of payment form that enables what we call “open payments”. As you may already know, our new API has the following functions available:

  • Get your account balance.
  • Post a payment from your account to any VirtaPay user.
  • Get transaction details on any transaction in your account.

Although the new open payments system isn’t part of the API, it will let you create forms to request payments from other VirtaPay users.

Why Open Payments?

The new open payments system will allow sellers more options when selling with VirtaPay.

Currently, sellers can only offer a limited number of items on VirtaPay… and they must be digital items. You can use the “Sell” page to set up an item for sale. From there, it will show up on the “Buy” page.

Up until now, all sellers have been locked into using this system, which we know is rather limiting. That’s why the new open payments system is on the way.

What are Open Payments?

Here’s how open payments are different from the existing system…

  • Open payments will allow you to create a simple HTML form which you can use to direct other VirtaPay users to pay you. Also, the HTML form is easy to modify, so it can be created dynamically by web services that use VirtaPay payments.
  • Open payment transactions are not limited to digital items. In fact, you are free to sell anything that’s legal. But, remember, all transactions are between buyer and seller. VirtaPay does not mediate transactions. Please only deal with people you know and trust.
  • Open payment transactions are not listed on the VirtaPay “Buy” page. Sellers will get an HTML form which they can use on their own websites.
  • Open payment transactions are not “rated” by buyers, as the “Buy” page transactions are in the current system.
  • You can use open payments to create unlimited payment request forms, unlike the items listed on the “Buy” page, which are strictly limited.

How can Open Payments be Used?

The new open payments system is designed to be very flexible. That’s why we named it “open”. It could—and probably will—be used in many different ways.

For example, if an auction website chose to integrate VirtaPay payments, they could use the new open payments system to dynamically create payment forms where auction sellers could pay their auction fees using their VirtaPay balance. In addition, they could create payment forms where the winner of an auction could pay the seller directly using their VirtaPay balance.

We expect the new open payments system to be released within a week. We’ll post to the blog again when we have more news.

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