Product Requirements Policy
Product Requirements
All items sold by Sellers must be original or otherwise properly licensed, non-infringing content. Purchased items must be instantly digitally-delivered to Buyers via a "Delivery" page created and hosted by the Seller.
Prohibited Items List
Sellers offering any Product or Service found on the list below may be subject to immediate account termination and account balance forfeiture.
  1. Any physically-delivered (non-digital) product or service;
  2. Anything illegal or potentially illegal;
  3. Anything offensive or inappropriate (as determined by VirtaPay or votes from the VirtaPay community);
  4. Anything that contains, endorses or encourages discrimination, violence, hatred, revenge, racism, victimization, criminal activity;
  5. Anything that encourages or enables the unlawful transfer of copyrighted media, such as music, movies, videos, and games;
  6. Unlicensed proprietary content;
  7. Money transfer or exchange (including to/from PayPal, AlertPay, etc.);
  8. Donations;
  9. Products about marketing on Craigslist or social networking sites if contrary to said sites' terms of use;
  10. Adult entertainment (sexually oriented) of any kind;
  11. Pre-adult content: Pictures, videos, etc. of individuals under the age of 18;
  12. Gambling or betting of any kind, including prognostication, lotteries, raffles, wagers, wagering pools, contests and sweepstakes;
  13. Professional services, including accounting, legal, medical, and pharmaceutical services;
  14. Information or instructions regarding fireworks or pyrotechnic devices or supplies;
  15. Social security number ("SSN") searches, SSN lookups, or SSN verifications;
  16. Password lists, email address lists or postal address lists;
  17. Hacking or "cracking" tools, pirated software or pirating tools, spamming tools, spyware, remote bots, warez;
  18. Anything related to creating or obtaining fake IDs or fake government documents;
  19. Any other category VirtaPay decides to prohibit.
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