API Access
What is the API?
The VirtaPay API (Application Programming Interface) provides a simple way for websites and web-based services to integrate VirtaPay payments. Here are a few examples of services that may benefit from using the API...
  • GPT websites... also known as "get-paid-to". These sites could pay their members automatically in VP$ for performing tasks online. Examples may include reading email, filling out surveys, visiting websites, etc.
  • Currency exchanges. We plan to remove the restriction on currency exchanges and allow the open exchange of VP$ into and out of any other currency, virtual or physical. We expect there will be several services that come online using the API to provide currency exchange.
  • Marketplaces. Classified ads, auctions, etc. We expect some people will surely use the API to create web services allowing people to buy and sell items using VP$. We will remove the restriction on physical items, so these marketplaces may allow you to buy and sell items both digital and physical.
  • Mobile payment apps. Some developers may choose to create mobile payment apps that allow you to easily send VirtaPay payments with your mobile phone. This could make it more attractive for local sellers to accept VP$ as payment.
  • In-game currency. The API will allow online game developers to use VP$ as a currency in their games. This could allow users to earn VP$ within a game and spend it to buy items within the game.
Get An API Key
To get an API key and begin testing the API, just log in to VirtaPay and click the API link found in the footer (bottom) links.
Note: The API is currently in beta-testing mode. There is no guarantee that it will work for any particular purpose. We have no current plans to charge developers for access to the API, however, we reserve the right to do so at any time in the future.
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